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Somehow your links to Twitter (whoops: X) don't appear to my computer...just the link. Clicking on the link results in X telling me that the link "can't be found". Any idea what is going on?
Hi Geoff,
Sorry for the late reply regarding the Yahoo keeper league opening. I haven't paid much attention to this site since it is the summer.
What is your experience level regarding Yahoo Fantasy Basketball and Keeper leagues?
I would like to get a discussion going with you if ever you are interested in joining.

I've been playing Yahoo FB for about 20 years. I've been in a keeper league for that period (run by a moderator on this board) and i've run my own keeper league(s) since 2016. I'd consider myself a veteran.
Hi. Your endurance as a fan deserves some kind of award. I am going to assume you have been giving these awards through, as Foxie would say, "thick and thin, really thin." I simply couldn't put up with the anguish of being a fan anymore and quit watching. Saturday's game was the first game I watched in years. Are you really in Tokyo or north of there which I believe is where you originally moved?
Have you been following the Kings all along? A couple of years ago I simply quit, which is something I didn't think I would ever do. I hated the feeling that goes along with losing. Last Saturday I watched my first game in years.
I did exactly the same thing you did! I gave up watching the Kings years ago. I got fed up with all the negativity that comes with losing, and also felt too disrespected as a female fan. That was the gist of why I quit the Kings. Like you, last Saturday was the first Kings game I'd watched in years. And I loved it! I'm so sad I have to miss tonight's game because of a class I'm in.
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