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Hi Cojc,

The Music Draft is coming to an end, and I'll be running an alphabet movie draft in the lounge. Are you interested in joining? I was hoping to get it started by the end of the weekend if able. Thanks!
Thank you for the like. Just wanted to message you to let you know I completely edited my post, and that your like still hangs under it. :) Out of courtesy , I felt I should tell you so that you could review it and unlike if needed ; D Love your posts and online demeanor BTW. Kings for life! :D
King Baller
King Baller
No worries:) I stand by my like.. Thanks and I enjoy your posts as well. Go Kings!
Yep I’m gone. They can come into the Lin thread and call people hypocrits and cheats with impunity and no sanctions. The bias on this board is over the top. Facts don’t matter.
that's hypocritical of them considering they tell people not to come into gamethreads, but they have no problem coming into LIN threads. you provided a lot of good insights. I guess right now is just an awkward time for kings fans. it's what happens when you have an organization ran by incompetent people