Kings Vs. Pistons Game Thread, 2/23/10, 7p.m. PST

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I don't give a **** about the CBA changing.. I won't sit through another season of this crap. Petrie better bring in some REAL talent to play with Reke next season, I've had enough of these gimicky role players and under achieving "prospects".
"pistons defending everything the Kings are trying to do"

Not really ... As far as I can see the only thing they're trying to do is lose


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18-38 team is playing 20-35 team

makes you wonder how the hell are the records this close and how the hell did we manage to beat them in Detroit ?
I can't view anymore of this 30 pt blow out eyesore. Switching over to NBC Olympic coverage for watch woman's ice skate short program (hottie South Korea's Kim Yu Na gold metal fave) plus other events. Same thing happened during Phoenix game as I flipped over to watch exciting hockey coverage from Vancouver.
Udoka is worth a maximum of 5-10 minutes a game, and that is being generous. It boggles my mind the affinity PW has for him.On a bad shooting night at least Donte has more length and athletic ability.
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