Kings Vs. Pistons Game Thread, 2/23/10, 7p.m. PST

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I hope we move Tyreke back to the 2. I know he had 13 assists, but the offense is just not smooth right now and the team's season FG% is dropping every game. He gets the team into 1-on-1 mode and tosses a lot of bailout passes. He runs a poor break, he doesn't feed cutters or rollers, and is a second or two late with every pass. It took Cisco finally entering the game to get the ball moving and better shots to be seen.

Now that Martin is gone, there really isn't any reason for the club to keep up the PG charade.
Uh, yeah. :rolleyes:


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i thought a woss was a win that's actually a loss in terms of draft standings. :p
Or you could reverse it in that the loss is actually a 'win' hence actually helping our lottery chance!

Lins, losses, wosses, wins, as long as we nag one Mr. Wall I think we all actually...Win!
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