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  • That particular sprain happened to me during an alumni game before my soccer season started. I couldnt walk on it at all for about a week, so I missed double sessions. We had a scrimage game a few days before our first game and I tried to play on it, played the first 20 or so minutes and I just couldnt run full speed .. coach could see the obvious limp I had so he shut me down for the next two weeks ( I misses about 4 games ). At this point I could run a little bit better, but I still wasnt myself. I bought an ankle protector and by wearing that I was back to normal about halfway threw the season. If I could do it again I would have stayed completely off it as long as I could, the constant trying to come back sooner strategy just made it worse and didnt give it enough time to heal.

    What really sucks is that Its so easy to sprain now because of that one bad sprain. Im pretty much forced to wear some type of ankle protection ( weather its taped or a brace ) whenever I play anything ( basketball, soccer, even baseball ) .. so I guess it never fully healed for me, Im kind of just used to it now.

    hope that helps, good luck
    Hey i saw your post with the ankle sprain.
    I was wondering how long it was sprained for.
    I sprained it pretty badly playing football and it looks just like yours.
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