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  • it went well

    I will do one for the first game and then I will put in every thread a note about the next game so You will know in time
    Yo piksi, how'd that dissertation go last year anyway? Regular season coming up. PM me if you have a reason not to do a game thread. Or, I should say: PM Venom, and if something happens to him I will back him up. Something like that.
    thanks for accepting my friendship request aswell :)

    i really like how this kings forum site works, its pretty simple to use and great source of information.
    Doctor of biting sarcasm and witty diatribes! I have to attempt befriending you, it would make me feel honored.
    not too bad. Finishing up my dissertation, waiting for Lakers to lose hoping something good will finally happen to Kings
    Let me the first to send a visitor message to my friend, piksi. Hope all is well with you during TDOS!!
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