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  • Bobby Boucher: "will you still be my friend?"

    Quarterback: *shaking head*. "no get away from me!"

    The Waterboy... Lol
    Thanks for the friend invite... army duty so he is currently here... must be a proud man to serve his country... i always had high respect for the army men...
    k we can split duties. if gameday comes and piksi or I do not have something up all yours bro
    Code is pretty simple. For our purposes here ab=yt (so that I don't create a real youtube window):

    [ab=any title you want to have above the youtube box]the youtube video code(comes after the v= in the address window of the youtube video)[/ab]

    So, for this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GFC5892OTs

    Let's title it "Hasheem Thabeet Mix"
    And the youtube code is: 5GFC5892OTs (you can see it there at the end of the address)

    so to embed it here it would be:

    [ab=Hasheem Thabeet Mix]5GFC5892OTs[/ab]

    again where ab should be replaced by yt.
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