Kings Vs. Pistons Game Thread, 2/23/10, 7p.m. PST

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Doing home construction - I found black mold - so this needs to be short and sloppy. (Some would say the team has mold issues as well :eek:).

You will frequently hear about my problems as long as the Kings don't win. This is like my therapy :D.

The Kings got run by a Phoenix team that has been together in some shape or form for longer than anyone in our starting lineup has been in the league. Not a terribly huge surprise. Still, there are some positives:

- I sense chemistry and a blossoming cohesiveness.
- The team leaders (Evans and Landry, yeah Landry) should soon begin to assert their will.
- The defense didn't look hopelessly like a sieve.
- The potential for some amazingly entertaining basketball is there.

Let's hope the coaching staff took off their baby gloves in practice so that we can see some of the future offensive sets being run against the Pistons.

Award time!:

TDM - Channing "Why does he do this to us?" Frye

LW-VC - Earl Clark. -4.

JHA - Udoka. We don't expect a whole lot, but don't do that again.

SAR- Metuselah -Grant Hill by default.

RA&1 - Casspi. You're killin' me smalls.

Jax/Walk - Casspi / Udoka tie. You guys earned it.

WTF moment of the game - Team U.S.A. hockey was on and we beat those floppy headed Canadians?!?! We're not your buddies, friends!;)

The Pistons should not win.


Kings 109 / Pistons 86

Pts: Evans 24, Hamilton 19
Rbds: Landry 8, Wallace 8
Asst: Evans 6, Stuckey 4
Blks: Hawes 2, Wallace 2

Starting lineups:

Evans / Stuckey: Stuckey should be invisible.
Greene / Hamilton: A very good matchup worth watching. Could go either way.
Casspi / Prince: Casspi better get over that rookie wall fast.
Jerebko / Landry: Landry won't have to bite him.
Wallace / Hawes: Wallace will probably gamble on Hawes and leave him alone to wander the paint on D. Let's see how Hawes reacts.

Seriously, unless Ben Gordon launches 40 up on us, the Pistons won't win. *crosses fingers*

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Should be a nice game to for Landry to get his confidence going, he had a solid game in Phx. Kings should win this one, maybe string together a couple wins before heading on the road.
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