Kings Vs. Pistons Game Thread, 2/23/10, 7p.m. PST

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So what did Casspi do to pee off PW anyway??
He can't guard Prince that's what.

This team pisses me off to no end...I'm becoming more and more conviced this coaching stafff doesn't coach at all.

Getting our asses kicked by the Warriors, Clippers and pretty much now the Pistons...each night we reach new lows.
Well at least we shut up the Pistons bench for like 7 minutes during the 20-4 run. Now it's back to business as usual.

Maybe for defense we should instill the hack-a-wilcox method.
Pistons shooting a horrible 57% from the floor in the first half.

edit: totally making everyone forget that they're 1-7 from the line...having a 10 point lead against the worst team in the NBA does that to you.


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I am wondering just how many consecutive times would we allow Rip to shoot like this before someone, anyone would try to guard him.
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