[Game] Kings vs. Blazers, 1/9/21 7pm PST, 10pm EST


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The smalls with Hassan getting some stuff done. This is the best shot we get at him playing a real legit small ball team with size from SG-PF. Shocker, looks more like what we were supposed to see this year.
I'm still pissed that Fox can't get a call in the paint and the Blazers are able to draw a foul if anyone breathes on them... but it looks like we've found something on defense here in the 2nd quarter. I like the Haliburton/Whiteside two man game when Nurkic is on the bench. Kanter can't guard anyone under the basket.


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These rotations are that of a desperate coach. Can we just get this awkwardness over with yet? hahaha.
At least this one makes sense.

-Giant man comes in and plays interior defense, game starts to change.

-Giant man sits, paint is now unguarded.

-Put Giant man back in.

That’s not desperate that’s adjustment.