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    Ongoing saga of Luc Mbah a Moute (merged)

    Mbah A Moute finished 18th of 81 in qualified PF's for DefRTG (shout to Bobby Gerould for the stat). That's a good vet signing. Of course, he's very injury prone, but he'll be just 29 when camp opens. He's still theoretically in his prime, if he can stay reasonably healthy. If's If's If's. A...
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    Kings free agency, part 3

    I'm not a huge fan of bringing Smith in, particularly over Casspi, but like others have said, good for you, Rudy Gay. You have to appreciate his effort to get some real players here. For someone so many of us approached with caution, Gay has been an outstanding King on and off the court.
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    Kings and free agency - part 2

    Well, crap. Kings still have options, but they are dwindling by the minute. I'm OK with Tobias Harris, Rodney Stuckey, Jeremy Lin, JaVale McGee, Quincy Acy I want Beverley, Koufos, Casspi, Rondo, No Thanks to Lou Williams, Josh Smith, and Derrick Williams The Kings need to play this...
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    Willie Cauley-Stein is your newest Sacramento King

    I haven't been this happy about a Kings draft pick since DeMarcus Cousins. Hasn't been close, either.
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    One AND ONLY Cousins trade rumors thread

    It is becoming obviously clear which reporters are being used by which parties. Like, uncomfortably clear.
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    One AND ONLY Cousins trade rumors thread

    I never questioned Vivek's intentions. His decision making has been poor repeatedly, but this isn't a Maloof thing. He isn't trying to turn this franchise into a dumpster fire. This doesn't excuse him for how poor the Kings have been running since he took over, but it means nothing more than...
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    One AND ONLY Cousins trade rumors thread

    You know, hadn't considered this, but what if Karl wants to get fired?
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    One AND ONLY Cousins trade rumors thread

    Vivek would get eaten alive by the national media if he fired Karl, but I would respect the hell out of him for doing it.
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    Ongoing draft/lottery discussion [OPEN SPOILERS]

    I'm still firmly behind drafting WCS. I don't care if its trade up, trade down, stay put, I want Cauley-Stein. With that being said, if Winslow is the pick, I'd have a hard time hating on it. At least they went for defense somewhere. Hezonja is the wildcard. As much as I don't want another...
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    I demand George Karl is fired

    Karl hasn't talked to Cousins since April. Everyone, local and nonlocal, has confirmed that. This is real. Karl doesn't want Cousins, never did, and is doing some seriously shady crap behind the scenes. I'm with Brick. Anything we can do to get that guy out of here, I'm on board with. Karl...
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    Ongoing draft/lottery discussion [OPEN SPOILERS]

    Background concerns, I'm assuming, are still the 'he doesn't love the game!' stuff. Way off base, in my opinion, but I think that is what it is. If WCS is sliding, I would assume its because of lackluster workouts more than anything else. We see this all the time. Teams fall in love with the...
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    Voisin: Divac ‘protective’ of Kings’ No. 6 pick; will it be Mudiay?

    So, Voisin and Divac sit down every week for a quick catchup sesh?
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    Could the solution to our SG problems be Eric Gordon?

    Dave brought up Wes Matthews a few weeks back, and that had me re-thinking the Afflalo stuff. I mean, targeting Matthews lets us know the Kings are willing to spend on SG help. Matthews is better than Afflalo, yes, but Afflalo is more attainable. He could be convinced to opt out of his option...
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    Carmichael Dave on the situation of the Kings

    Speaking on Karl, his offense, Cousins, etc. Karl had one little interesting nugget at the end of his media availability yesterday when he mentioned how Cousins / WCS can play together. Works for me. Defense...
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    PDA Taking Position with Denver Nuggets

    Dave joking on twitter and openly saying he's talking like a fan, but STILL sort of alluding to Karl leaving. I don't want to put words in his mouth, of course.