[Game] Kings @ Wizards - Monday, March 11 - 4PT/7ET


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It's a beautiful day!! I just wanted to share that since I don't think I've seen the sun more than once or twice since the stupid groundhog made his prognostication. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful blue the sky can be. :)

Kings at Wizards...hopefully it will be a good game!
I objected loudly when people called the Celtics game a “must win”.... but I’m on board with this one. The margin for screwing up is pretty well .... thin


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(From VF21 the fan - just so there's no doubt)

Gotta love the support for the team early on. :eek:

There are times I think I'd rather have Laker trolls than see some of the non-support for the Kings. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Have a good afternoon. I'm checking out to enjoy the game without the angst.

I’ve ssid it before but is there another team that misses more point blank shots than this team? That and the defensive rebounding pee me off to no end
Exactly. I would expect a team fighting for their playoff lives to come out stronger . Just a little frustrating and I talk a bunch of crap throughout the course of the game lol
What's most frustrating is watching other teams pick and roll the Kings up and down the floor while the Kings almost go out of their way to avoid doing it on the other end as they see huge droughts mount and mount. I can't see this team taking the next step until they start running it as option 1 and perfect it. Joerger needs to flip his emphasis before it's too late.
And yes, the other teams have completely figured out the defensive help scheme for sure. I never have ever understood why having someone like Yogi Ferrell help in the paint makes any sense. Outside of the 1 in 100 tries that he comes up with a charge or a steal what is he going to do down low for you? Whereas on the other end of it you give up wide open 3's every time. Brooks is eating the Kings gameplan defensively for lunch.
OK, if they are deadset on entering the ball to Willie into the post that's how you do it. Wait until he is right at the basket so all he has to do is spin once. Parker overplayed him, easy hoop.