[Game] Kings @ Knicks, 02/15/12 4:30PM PT

Plenty of Cousins bashing to start the 3rd. As in, this is the Cousins who got Westy fired, his teammates don't like playing with him, he's hurting the team on offense, defense, and with his attitude. Crap like that.
Yeah that Cousins bashing was dumb. Breen is the main guilty party there. He's just running the "standard line" on Cousins instead of paying attention to what has gone on in the game.
Pathetic stuff again. We always seem to revert to this. Not enough players with a winning attitude or who want it enough. It also absolutely amazes me that our team shoots so poorly on such a consistent basis. Surely our team shooting % must be competitive for one of the worst teams in recent history?

This game has just been one-on-one crap.
When will Petrie make a trade? 3 of the 4 highest paid players on this can't even score 10 pts. That's Garcia, Hayes, and Salmons. :(
Petrie should only be allowed to trade. His trades usually work out well. Its when he actually goes out and acquires FAs that he sucks horrendously as a GM.
We maybe have the league's worst perimeter defense system. Guys like Novak and Korver always gets their spots on us. :(
To think that we we have guys like Evans and Salmons who should bring good perimeter defense as starters.