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  • Thanks for crediting me...given all of the strong opinions I'm seeing about draft prospects, it would be great if some of the hardcore prospect enthusiasts could participate.
    Bizarre draft.

    I'm OK with Evans especially if he is really 6'5" and 220 pounds. Minnesota got boo'd for picking Rubio at #5. Just a few boo's. Interesting.
    For some reason this junked season isn't paying off. The 4th pick might get a decent player but nothing like having the #1 pick.

    Remember I said the league has to take the Kings seriously or they won't get free agents. I think that scenario is playing out in their hunt for a coach. Eddie Jordan just turned his back on the Kings and accepted a $2 mil contract from 76ers or whoever. Imagine that! Jordan has made the decision that going to the Kings is not a good idea.

    The Kings' stupidity in the way they handled the last few years lost me as a fan last year. I hope that is understandable. I agree with you that rebuilding is more than a one year process but what could be worse than what has just happened this year?

    Forget everything I've written to this point. I am very discouraged. That's the bottom line. You know basketball better than I do and can list all the reasons that have led to my discouragement.

    I haven't even read KingsFans as what is said there is so predictable.

    Let us hope that the first three teams to pick are Europhobic. With a little luck we could end up with Rubio anyway but otherwise I think we are going to spend another year near the bottom and maybe that's a good thing following the theory of the people who don't pay for tickets to watch the team lose.
    Convince me that Rubio is spectacular. I realize that stats don't tell the whole story when evaluating a pg but he scores about 10 ppg and has under 6 or is it 7 assists. That is not startling and bothers me. Tell me not to worry and I'll be OK. I have read enough to know that he is something special. He is multi-talented including in areas that don't show up in the stat sheet. He's also 18. I don't need to know if he is special but just "how special?" Is he really the best pick.

    I envision a Jason Williams with judgment. You maybe are too young to remember Jason as a rookie but he was spectacular and also out of control. He DID excite us all.

    Obama is 3.1% Irish traced back to a great great great grandfather named Kearney.

    I have like ten girls left and I cant pick all of them so here:

    a few ideas:

    Ashlee Simpson
    Naomi Watts
    Lucy Pinder
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