[Game] Kings vs. Warriors, 3/25/21, 7pm PST 10pm EST

If this team wants to have any shot at getting in, FIRE WALTON. He puts in these guys, some of which haven't played in WEEKS all at one time.
Was reading some Warrior comments, Complaints about Wiseman, Wiseman not getting the ball. Haliburton thoughts & draft.....Fox owning Mannion.
Wiseman needs a good big man coach. He has to develop a post game. He's got no idea how to use that size and he wants to face up every time and beat his man off the dribble like a guard. I always liked Stewart better because he's a beast, he knows it, and ain't afraid to use it.
Wow, we clearly got one of the best backcourts in the NBA! And will pad it when Wright suits up. We can score and score and score some more. Kings defensive intensity from the jump special to see. But faded after that and got choppy. Need to come out and kill off the Ws by driving steak through their heart in the 3rd.