[Game] Kings vs. Sixers, 11/22/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

And I noticed when Harkless picked up his 4th, Gentry went right to Buddy. Walton would have went to Metu, the waterboy, etc.
A good coach doesn't eliminate any possibilities, before the game even starts. I hate deciding that someone has no chance to play, regardless of how the action is playing out.

Walton would have never even thought of Thompson tonight. Low and behold, he's got it going
It didn't kill everybody's drive. And being a professional is a pretty damn big difference. And then when you consider that Fox's s****y play was a big reason for the underperformance in the first place... So, apparently, the answer to "What's the matter w/De'Aaron?" was: "He's pouting."

The entire bench was checked out eventually.
And one truth doesn't necessarily negate the other. That all may be true about Fox, but ON THIS TEAM, he is clearly the only legit star/superstar/whatever type on the roster. No matter whether it fails in the W/L column over the long haul or not. And if he plays well, those potential moves become more of an option anyway.