[Game] Kings @ Trailblazers - Wednesday, April 10 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

Wow. Swanigan beat everybody else up the court. The guy can run...
You know, Swanigan is surprisingly fleet footed for a man of his size
Caleb has great feet and great hands! He's the stereotypical 'dancing bear' type.

Yeah he is legit player, The weight thing ppl will keep bringing up is really in part because anyone who really watched him in college might have thought he was possibly a PF, he was much leaner... but as we see he is clearly a backup C..

Same type of deal with what we see with Bjelly sorta beefing up beyond SF position too.. Sometimes people wanna type cast players as "tweeners" when their really much more suited for one role..


The Game Thread Dude
I hope you guys are right, but I just don't see the passion or hunger in him. I think what we're seeing right now is him making the best of a rare opportunity.
I think he's one of those guys who really needs touches to contribute but just won't find the amount he needs in the NBA unless he's the second or third option for a team, which I don't think he ultimately is.