[Game] Kings @ Trailblazers - Wednesday, April 10 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

I agree.

This outrage is ****ing ridiculous. You want the Kings at 40 wins? Shouldn't have dropped 16 of their last 25 games then. Shouldn't have lost to the Pelicans x2, Lakers, Nets, Wizards, Kyrie-less Celtics, and T-Wolves then.

The players are more responsible for the loses than the coach. It's their crapty effort that's got us playing bad basketball after the ASB.
OK. Again, I hope Vlade sifts through the data because there is some serious info there to be had. Just like last year. In a league where the 3 ball and pace go hand in hand the Kings moved farther away from the outside after adding a 40% shooter near the deadline. Not to mention as they played smaller and smaller as well. I think we heard all we need to last year about how the Kings just simply blew it in the draft over and over whereas some were wondering why this Ferrari was chugging along in the slow lane.
It’s going to take a while for me to get over the bad taste in my mouth. But for me, it’s not about this all-important / can’t-lose game! It’s how we have more or less sucked for a while now. Basically we only had one good game since Jerry did his stint in the color chair. That doesn’t reflect well on Joerger. We just suck at stopping opponents from scoring. It’s frickin embarrassing.
At least we’d have had 40 wins!
I know you’re being sarcastic, but it really isn’t that unimportant considering the multitude of factors brought up in both threads.

1 more win surely isn’t the end all, be all. That’s for sure. But there’s a lot more to it than that. It isn’t just about the 40 wins, which is why I believe so many fans feel as I do. It’s all the factors combined.

This season created a lot of excitement and goodwill for fans but to have it crash the past several weeks as it has was tough to take. Getting to 40 wins when the franchise has historically had trouble even getting to 30 would have helped restore what was lost the past few weeks.

Then add in the sensitivity over losing this years draft selection and the ability to lessen the odds of that pick improving by winning just one more game.

Lastly, also factor in the FO and coaching drama that’s lingered all season between DJ and Williams and Bagley and DJ and the fact that the coach often seemed like he didn’t care — and you get a lot of disappointed and pissed off fans.

It’s deeper than just getting 40 wins. And the excuses for why this game wasn’t important enough to play in or win are just the proverbial cherry on top for many. Those excuses just aren’t gonna fly.
I’m just gonna point out one more thing before I drop this. For those making excuses about this being a meaningless game and injury concerns, I offer up exhibit A. The boxscore from the final game of last season, which, by definition would have been equally meaningless (if not more) and carried the same risk of injury.


Fox played 27 minutes.
Bogs played 31 minutes.
WCS played 30 minutes.
Buddy played 28 minutes.

That team only had 26 wins coming in. I wonder why they played so much when they could have gotten hurt? Beats me.

Before anyone retorts with ‘it was the last home game of the season and fan appreciation night’ let me direct you to the boxscore of the road game just prior to it in San Antonio — which was an equally meaningless game.

SPOILER: All those players played even more minutes.

40 wins doesn't matter. Our culture obsesses over multiples of 5, including myself.

On the other hand, last night is just more suspicious activities that may be symptomatic of looming changes. That's the taste in my mouth ... I'd like to think the Kings are headed in the right direction but last night puts the stamp on my feeling of uncertainty.
Ok I like almost everyone wanted a win or at least a strong showing. but to blow a very big lead with absolutely no answer to stop the opposing offense leaves me with a bad taste for the off season.

I would hope vlade has had enough of this nonsense and will make some changes.

We still need better players to backup our main core. I am not pointing fingers at any certain players but our defense down low has been pretty bad all season. I see two starters that need to go or at least made to come off the bench.

Now I see we have had 3 strong starters and one pf who I doubt would start on most any other team but ours. Our center may start but not on many teams either.

Now I am sure Bagley will start next year but he needs to learn how to pass and not become a black hole when he gets the ball.
Fickle sports fans are a dime a dozen. I grew up watching the Washington Redskins and the Washington Senators. We learned all about hope.

I have lots of hope for the Sacto Kings. I think Joerger should get some votes for coach of the year. Vlade found him some talent. The future is bright. Young guys need to build their confidence. That is how you win at the end of NBA games. HIeld, Fox, Barnes and Bagley are great players already. I like Giles. We some good supporting players. A new player at the 5 is all that is really missing, with some more experience and hours in the weight room and shooting 1,000 shots a day.