[Game] Kings @ Trail Blazers (3/7) - 7PT/10ET

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Yes there’s a game tonight. Seems the bad loss to a depleted Sixers roster really slowed this place down. Bad losses happen to everyone. It’s how they respond.

Gonna be interesting to see how the center minutes shake out. Richaun should be helpful, but also a lot of the winning streak’s credit needs to go to Giles better play + ability to spark the guys and Len turning into the best defender in basketball. Hopefully no wrench gets thrown in the chemistry and what they’ve been building towards.

Go team.
Bogi is better than Fox at "running" the team, it's just that physically he isn't capable all the time. Tonight he has a good matchup.


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Aside from Harry shading off of Hassan too much, the Blazers offense thus far seems to consist of just throwing the ball in the general vicinity of the hoop


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I don't know if Portland is simply coming out flat or they have no respect for the Kings coming in. Either way, good to see the Kings making them pay for it.
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