Kings @ Thunder Game Thread, 3/2/10, 5 p.m. P.S.T

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this announcer needs to shut up... there was no foul on that prayer shot at the buzzer... westbrook clearly jumped into the defender... good no call... lucky shot
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they are just so much better than us as a team on bith ends of the floor

their shots are so much easier than ours

if they took care of the ball better - it would be a blowout already
Pretty sure its illegal for Westbrook to suck against us
Or Durantula or Green...who I'm afraid of in the 2nd half...I think there will be 3 guys with 30 or more for OKC when all is said and done. I think Green is going to be our demise in the 3rd qtr., along with the other two of course. Probably a 40 pt qtr is in store.
I don't know what it is about Westbrook but I'd love to just punch him in the mouth. He's a good player and all but he just asks like a jackass on the court. Never really watch many Thunder games but i first noticed it in the rookie/sophomore game. He just has that look on his face that world revolves around him and he should get any call he wants. Maybe it's just me though. i don't know. :confused:
These things tend to happen when your starting frontcourt is comprised of a bad rebounder, and a terrible rebounder.

I miss JT. Sure he's a ditz, but at least he crashes the boards. And when is Brockness back?
I think hawes has an indentity crisis. I think deep down inside he wants to be a small forward. I have never seen a 7 foot player so timid close to the basket and so prefer the outside shot.
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