[Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Wednesday, Feb. 12 - 5:30PT/8:30ET

Yeah, I'm sure that's it. Not that we're in matchup hell or Walton is trying to find a combination that works. Geez...
Nah, he just gave us the definition of searching. Playing guys that aren't your problem 2 minutes then sitting. That's called coaching panic. It's still better than the last few years of no panic and letting the status quo bury you. He's basically got the same unit he's had as his disposal for 8 games now even with Bjelica in foul trouble. Fox off the ball killed him early and he changed everything around it until he finally changed the 2 PG crap.


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Kings need to penetrate and finish at the basket. This jacking up shots from 3 point line isn't going to cut it. Penetrate and then pass the ball if you're covered.
Not only do the Kings need to re-sign Bazemore, they need a couple more of his type.
And that's where either having the right coach for your players or the right players for your coach comes in. Walton needs certain types to be able to run his defensive sets. Switch ability, length to help, and quickness to run back out are all important.


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The officials set the tone for this game early with those fouls called against Bjelica. It's all about consistency. If they're gonna call those, they need to call them all night against both teams.