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  • I hadn't seen that yet, actually. I've had so little time to play lately. I still need to beat the first one.
    Ah! I remember now, it was your graduation, congrats again! You grew up into a fine man in front of our eyes, in spite of this message board. Haha. Congrats, once again and many months late, but I am still so happy for you and your accomplishment! You roxxors!
    D, I haven't logged in for months, you asked to be added as a friend, I am trying to accept it but it might be too old. So so sorry. If you want to ask again, I will accept, I love your cartoons and comments. KK!
    Good to read about your graduation, congratulations! I tried to add you as a friend but I'm not sure that your invitation worked. I hope so because I'd love to see your photos. I'm not around much, but it's such a happy moment to know that you've graduated. Congrats again! You are in my top 10 favorite posters here and it's great to know that you are living your path to success.
    Congrats again on your graduation, Mad D. Great graduation picture! BTW, I like your "nonsense." ;)
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