[Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Wednesday, Feb. 12 - 5:30PT/8:30ET


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It's good to have a week off of seeing this team. I'm glad I changed the channel in the 3rd quarter to a series about a serial murderer's son chasing serial murderers. It's more entertaining.
Bazemore came to play, but otherwise a very poor showing by the Kings. Sacramento could absolutely not stop anything that Dallas was doing offensively, especially when the ball was in the hands of Doncic and Porzingis. It’s performances like this that leave the fans scratching their heads and wondering why this squad can look good sometimes and then look so woeful at other times.
Still no consistency. Lineup changes, Cojo guarding Luka and Unicorn :rolleyes:. Even Porzingis was getting a kick out of his "free" shots again and again.

We have no center rn. Barnes, Bjelly, Giles are all PF at most, yet all are being played out of position. Who knows when Holmes and Bags will be back and they too are more PF than center.

With play this disheartening, play JJ, play Giles, give Jefferies some extended minutes, (waive Len or Tolliver) and sign Mika. Give us something to look forward to instead of inconsistent play, inconsistent minutes, inconsistent rotations, and inconsistent effort.

When was the last time BOTH Bogi and Buddy had a good game?
Other than Baze everything that could have gone wrong went wrong
.Bjelly 3 fouls and playing the lowest IQ (our highest IQ player) ball of the season
.Buddy spent the entire first half trying to go one on one vs Zinger and lost all of them than put up a bunch of garbage points
.Fox....the style of busting through walls he's been playing with lately (to good success) has caught up he need a break
.Barnes with a vintage did he even play
.Bogi did he even play/is he even better than Seth Curry?
.Boban drilling a 3 on us and WCS dunking all over us.

The fact the Kings are still actively trying to win pretty much tells you all you need to know. Play Giles/JJ and see what they have.
Once again the Kings shot poorly, 40% and 30% from the 3 point line. While the Mavs shot an incredible 56% and 42% from the 3 point line.

That was the difference in the game. Whatever the causes were, lack of size due to injuries, poor defense, etc. The result is the Mavs were on fire.

Look at the Box score the Mavs starters were 7 for 14, 2 for 4, 11 for 16, 2 for 4 and 10 for 18. Their bench was pretty good as well.

Look for yourselves--> https://www.nba.com/games/20200212/SACDAL/#/boxscore
So the Kings laid an egg. It happens. Am I happy or without criticism? Hell no!
But for those of you who live to bash the team from top to bottom, at every opportunity, and over and over each day, you’re history as far as I’m concerned.
I certainly won’t “ignore” posters who have criticisms, as well as those who will root for the team even when they don’t deserve it! But those of you who see nothing on Kingsfans except opportunities to bash and bash, I don’t see you and I don’t hear you. You are history.
Here’s hoping that you find a life beyond bashing others for your own insecurities.
Porzingis was laughing at being defended with smaller players while shooting 11 for 16.

Watching the Mavs rebuilt squad is like watching a bizarre version of what could have been. The draft and trade Donnie Nelson made were right there for the Kings to make.

That game was a very bitter pill to swallow:mad:
What could have been is right. Wasn't there an offer of Porz for Fox?

Yikes. Porz stretching the floor with the ultimate garbage man inside and point forward hitting open Bogi/Buddy/Porz all night is a terrifying offense
The Mavs adjusted very well to Fox and Bogdan trying to penetrate. Teams are figuring this out against the Kings.
On the other hand, we proved that small ball does not work against Luka and Porzingis.
The second half was hard to watch. We really got beat.
Bazemore and Barnes played hard.
We went through this with Evans. He ended up with a decent long range shot later in his career, but Fox needs to be able to adjust like yesterday or he's going to end up with the same career path with teams stacking the paint, especially with the refs not giving him calls on contact.