[Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Wednesday, Feb. 12 - 5:30PT/8:30ET


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Grant: Fox now 1 of 8 from the floor.

As opposed to what? From the ceiling? From the light standard? From the scorer table?


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Only Bazemore and Barnes have imposed their will on this game to any extent. The rest are no-shows. Walton better set the locker room on fire at half time.
Mavs are sagging into the paint. Fox needs to shoot his mid range n shoot a few threes to force the Mavs out of the paint.
They are also playing aggressive switch defense on the pick and roll. They need to run a nice tight little middle pick and roll between Fox and a shooter. Get Fox into the middle of the paint to either finish or dish back out. Also, run some of that through Bogdan as well. He's big enough to be able to keep bigs on his side and has the length to get the ball up to the backboard with full ball control.
Yea, I guess it’s out of necessity.

This roster is what happens when you try to pierce the needle knowing that your two young bigs may be out the rest of the year.
Not really. Bjelica foul trouble isn't the difference between sense and chaos. I can understand matching up but that wasn't it either.
You can't leave them out there to dig the hole to China either. It's too dangerous. They have a lot of corona virus over there.
Haha. So I hear. Maybe that would be a perfect excuse in his end of the year sit down with the front office though. That or the one armed man did it worked for Reggie Theus if I recall.
They almost look like Buddy Hield the first half of the season. It's very strange. Are their minds in the Bahamas?
It's possible that's playing a part. You darn well know that report about Vivek didn't fall on deaf ears though. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it is. We'll see in the 3rd quarter.