49ers vs Packers game thread


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I just have to do this. I'm nervous as hell. Almost all my friends are Packers fans. Remember folks, I spent my high school years in Wisconsin and a brother lives in Green Bay - he happens to be a Vikings fan but you get the idea.

Go Niners. Looking good so far.


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Packers with 6 yards of offense in the 1st quarter. They have lost a great deal of their defense and the Niners should be able to run all day. That's OK with me. :p
Is Kaepernick too unseasoned and get too much hate oh Khtk for me to know he won't fold on this season balancing drive?
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My best friend is a Packer fan. (I know...) I told him before the game it would come down to Kaep's ability to scramble and make gains on the ground. It's almost as though the Packers forgot about that.

Nice win and I'm incredibly glad we're going to Carolina and New Orleans has to go to Seattle. :)