Wcs and koufus for plummlee

Assuming wizards are not interested in otto for wcs swap:

Kings deal with Denver for plummlee.

Kings do it to pair in rotation with Bagley and Giles with a big strong rebounder and shot blocker that is Mobil enough to keep up running the floor and able to finish lobs. Top notch defender. He is a big upgrade on Kosta. Also, a great screener which we need to free up buddy and bogs.

Denver does the deal as wcs pairs nicely with jokic and they feel jokic rebounding will cover wcs weakness. They like the additional weapon in open court and in half court with WCS vs Plumlee. Kosta is useful off the bench.


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I like Plumlee a lot for the Kings. Tougher than WCS, better screener, more consistent than WCS, better motor. I'd do the deal, but I doubt Denver does that deal.