[Game] Kings vs. Nuggets, 12/29/20, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

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Hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! I've been too busy to post during the games but I've managed to watch most of them. This team is awesome! Playing defense, taking care of the ball, and looking like they have a game plan and the discipline to stick to it. And what else needs to be said about Tyrese? I don't care about Rookie of the Year -- someone else might pour in more stats and take the award -- but more importantly this kid is already playing like a pro. He plays clean, mistake free basketball on both ends which is exactly what this team needed. There's a lot of season left but I love what I'm seeing so far!
So, no rookie is close to Hali through 4 games right?
In terms of impact? No.

But in terms of rookies who look the part? There's a few. Edwards looks like Jason Richardson out there. Dude is what Jerry would call a power guard. He plays mean. Scores easy.

Wiseman is Ayton on steriods with more skill.

Deni has a smooth game. Well rounded. His numbers understate his transition to the NBA, because Russ and Beal hog up the usage.

Williams looks like a 10 year 3 and D. Plays both sides. Where Hali is a perimeter thief, Williams plays a power game. Boards and blocks with intention.

Okoro looks like a small ron-ron.

This class looks legit.

Some potential busts: Kilian Hayes and the Phoenix Big.
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