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  • Hey AleksandarN, your PM box is full :).

    I wanted to pass along an invitation to the Superhero/Supervillain Redux Drafts. Here it is:

    Hello and welcome back to your island. It's been a year, and a lot has changed around here. Due to the influx of heroes and villains, the whole area has been thrown into a chaos of escalation.

    To prevent this, we are collaborating to put together a sporting tournament in the Lounge entitled the Superhero and Supervillain Redux Drafts. Taking teams from last year's drafts, modifying them to your whim, or creating your own new superteam/villainous hoard we will determine the fate of the world, for good or for evil.

    Please let me know if you are interested in either or both drafts, past participation is not required. Let the games begin!
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