The news of her passing last summer was to say we as a community were heartbroken over the news. Myself as many here wondered how she was doing before the sad news.

I should be so lucky if I am as well thought of down the line. I read this forum everyday and every time when I come here I think of her and what she meant to us kings fans.
VF would have been absolutely been heartbroken over Tyrese but by jove she probably would have gotten a tattoo of Domantas by the end of the first quarter lol.

Hope she's enjoying this game wherever she is.
She was the ultimate team player - that's why she liked Vlade so much. If I'm a player and I'm picking fans, she's my number one draft pick every time and it's not even close. RIP Christine. We love you, and may God rest your soul.
I saw this thread when it first happened and was blown away. I was a member of this board until around 2018 and had MANY interactions with VF21, some good and some her scolding me for being a little too passionate.

That being said, this place just is not the same without her. She was the best fan out of all of us. Her never ending optimism was the lay of the land around here.

You are sorely missed VF, but I'm 100 you are watching this all unfold and wearing your "It's a Good Time To Be a Kings Fan" angel necklace right now.

Much respect Christine. This year is for you friend.

It's a good time to be a Kings fan!