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  • Yes, saw your posting. Your offer puts me in a peculiar position. We have KingsFans buying 28 of 30 available tickets to sit together as a KingsFans.com group at a Clippers game. The new ticket inquiries were for 2 tickets each and one has already sent their money and the other has not responded yet to the invoice.

    I have effectively closed out the group ticket offer on urging by the Clips for our 28 seats.

    I guess you If I get a check for a single seat I could sell them your ticket. But I'm no longer pushing tickets for our group. You could do that for your one ticket by advertising the availability of the one ticket in the "TICKETS" thread on KingsFans.com.

    Sorry i can't help. Hope you decide to join us in the KingsFans.com group for the game.

    Regards, CruzDude
    Shortly will be posted to all KingsFans attending the Clips game final details about tickets, meeting location, activities at Staples Center and transport options.

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