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Listening to Amick tell it, sounds like the Kings are leaning Murray because of fit. They were not coming into this draft ready to take another guard.

If true, just trade the pick.
I don't think it's that simple unfortunately. If if people think Murray should be picked a pick or two later than 4, if they can't get a trade offer that they value more than Murray, then they just need to pick Murray at 4.

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Not sure how or why this is a better deal than trying to package 49 along with our earlier 2nd round pick to either move up in this year's draft (late 1st/early 2nd), or acquire a future 1st or 2nd round pick.

Someone out there want to take a crack at convincing me???

Yeah, seems a bit premature as a move as there were other things that could potentially be accomplished with that pick. Usually grabbing stale rights like that is a nothingburger, but maybe we actually hope to bring Vezenkov over. I know nothing about him.
I havent done as much work on this draft class as the Luka draft but heres what I'm thinking so far:

I have Banchero pretty clearly as my top prospect, elite handle for a player his size, good vision and passing ability. High ceiling. Chet is probably number 2 for me, and the next tier is Sharpe, Smith jr, Ivey and Murray.

I was in the minority with my 2018 "big board" as I had Trae, JJJ and Porter (if healthy) ahead of Ayton and Bagley in the lower tier. Obviously Luka was in his own tier as number 1. Im going to be in the minority again probably but I'd draft Sharpe ahead of Ivey or Murray at 4.

Again, I've not done as much work on this class but I'm hoping for Banchero, Chet or Sharpe at 4. The most important thing again in this draft is that we currently have ZERO players on our roster that are good enough to have any effect on our selection. Its irrelevant how the prospect fits with Fox or Sabonis, it doesnt matter at all. You take the guy that you think has the best career.
At the end of the day, it's only the 49th pick. I won't deprive myself of sleep over it.

Although, my preference would have been for Monte to package that along with 37 to either move up this year, or acquire a future 2nd round pick.

Now, if Monte had given up our 37th pick for this guy, I'd probably be setting the entire neighborhood on fire right now.
dunno what to say about vezenkov, haven't watched him for a while. grew up with barcelona youth squads and in past years their best kid was hezonja. don't know how is bolmaro doing.

it seems like he came strong this season, won the euroleague's february MVP award, his first.

i like his 3pt shot and especially passes after drive, now question is how he's adopt to NBA and restricted minutes...

The idea that picking the player mocked at 5 at 4 is a "reach" is also absurd.
n the thing is too, lots of those players in that top5, they had other players on their college team that are getting 'showcased' as well..

like Ivey had the 2 bigs Edey(returned to school) and Trevion Williams(projected 2nd rd senior) they were trying to showcase. Banchero, Holmgren and Smith Jr are on Duke/Gonzaga/Auburn teams stacked with top prospects/nba hopefuls of all ages/readiness.

Iowa and Keegan Murray was a different situation, he was truly asked to be the star of show on offense and defense.. n they set their whole gameplan up for him to make plays, they played this zone defense so ud see him out on the perimeter n then recovering to the basket, not that the other "top5" guys didnt get a chance to show off the full repitoire, but Murray thats what was asked of him each and every game.. He literally started the season breaking his career high in scoring like 4 times in the first few games. Now hes a Sophomore but really a redshirt sophomore and older but still, its worth noting imo.
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