SF Trades

I'm guessing that the only thing we were willing to offer was pure cap relief. Portis is actually good, so I see why they do this. I also believe Parker's 2nd year is a TO? or maybe it's a PO. not sure
Maybe the Kings just didn’t want Porter. That’s a straight up salary dump
Hoping we moved on and found a different target. I'm also not sure why Chicago does this now. Does Porter really help them? They have 12 wins, are entrenched in the tank race so if anything he might win them enough games to secure them a pick in the 5-6 range. He'll be on his next contract by the time they rebuild.
Looks like the Porter trade didn't bring much in for the Wizards. For comparison sake, what would have been a comparable Kings' offering? Willie and BMac?
If all the Wizards wanted was a salary dump, we could have given them relief THIS year and the next. The Bulls trade leaves them on the hook for the tax.
This is seemingly like us trying to acquire a player in free agency as we strike out and watch good player after good player go somewhere else. I just get the sinking feeling that the only additional players we may get are the buyouts.

I hope I am wrong.
I guess that really confuses me is that the kings have been eying him for 2 years, even offering him a max deal. This doesn’t really make sense to me. Unless they really like Portis


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Wiz even give kings a chance to come back with a matching offer? Or wiz think parker Portia and Beal are a playoff bound?
Wiz building around Beal. They need to get rid of Morris next. Dwight is gone after this season too. Too many players on that roster that just don't bring winning basketball.
I hope we have something in the pipe and it turns out that Washington had a better deal from us until they jerked us around and we cut off talks.