Playing Around With Warriors...Again


Saw this article and thought it warranted discussion. I dont know what the Warriors would want back in a trade but Huerter and Holmes/Barnes doesn't seem like enough.

However, faced with the prospect of losing Klay due to cap issues seems like something that might force their hand if someone else could sign him outright (including the Kings but I'm not cap savvy enough to know what we would have available when he is a FA, that's something the Cap'n or another smarter and well versed person than me would know).

What I do know is Klay looked to have 4-5 years of pretty high level play left in him and it wouldn't be a bad move to add him to this roster if we do gell and are just missing a bit more perimeter D.

I do want to see what Huerter is able to do with an engaged Fox on D next to him before I go full baby/bathwater there. But damn if Klay wouldn't look good in our starting lineup of:

(Insert D League defensive SF)

The question becomes will that lineup look better than


We will probably have a good idea after 20 games...
Highly speculative article grounded in little more than an anonymous executive musing about the Warriors possibly being forced to let Klay Thompson walk in free agency 2 years from now, and you’re flipping that into a current trade proposal? I’m not seeing the logic.

Putting on my Carnac hat …

- The Warriors are not trading Klay Thompson. Certainly not now, and probably not in 2024. Not unless the wheels fall off and they’re looking at Armageddon at the 2024 mid-season trade deadline.

- The Warriors are not trading Klay Thompson to an intradivisonal rival 2 hours from San Francisco they’d face 4 times a year, especially not for anything the Kings could possibly offer (particularly a guy they already let walk for nothing half a decade ago).

- If Klay Thompson does enter free agency in 2024, he’s not signing with the Kings.