[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)

This take looks progressively worse, the longer this series goes on.
Smh lebron plays defense in the playoffs as well doesn’t mean either one of them plays defense during the regular season. Ask Spurs/Toronto fans about it kawhi has played defense in the regular season in a while to merit being in the team. But of course this is a reputation award and guys like Tucker/Holiday aren’t making it so guys like kawhi who play defense when they feel like it can

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Holiday and Tucker's selections, or lack thereof (Holiday's, in particular), literally have nothing to do with Leonard's selection. But you go ahead and keep cooking that chicken.
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Really reminds me of the Adelman dismissal. Considering what he was able to do with the increasingly disparate/weird rosters he was given, and track record, unless OKC has a guarantee from freaking Phil Jackson or something, there really seems to have been no good reason to get rid of him this season.
Maybe Stan Van Gundy can dangle his services while secretly negotiating with another team to destroy.