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How did he look tonight?
Shot was off. Rebounded well. Defense was

When he stayed home on Aldridge, his defense looked good. When he got switched onto a guard, he battled, and didn't really get beat, but made no attempts to recover. He wasn't getting killed in pick and roll, like in years past, but the Spurs definitely made it a point to take him away from the basket, and guys who were moving without the ball were getting a lot of uncontested layups. I'm not certain whether that was a Cousins problem, or a "Houston doesn't have anybody else who can protect the rim" problem. We'll have to see what happens, once Wood has been cleared.


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I’m so glad he looks like he can still be a valuable NBA contributor. A man his size with a bunch of leg injuries ... I was pulling for him, but I was fearing the worst outcome.
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