Luka Doncic

I really get excited if I let my mind go wild with Doncic added to our current core. I can't say at this point he would be the best choice, then again, none of us can.

I see and understand a lot of criticism that he is nonathletic. It may seem odd to some, but I believe a lot of athleticism is derived or hindered by the brain. What I mean is, a physically athletic player may not live up to his full potential if his thought process is a step slow. In contrast, a less physically gifted athlete might make up a lot of ground by simply processing the game a step faster than their peers. I know others have alluded to this, citing examples such as Bird, Ginobili,etc. Luka has an athletic mind to go with his physical presence.

I have my eye and hopes attached to several prospects, and I am not as gifted or in a position to analyze prospects as well as some of our posters.

This young man is just tantalizing and more so for our current situation and roster make up.

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He injured the back of his thigh few days ago, and expected to miss 2-3 weeks of action. He will be ready for Euroleague Play-offs , the most important games of the season.

In the last few weeks, he is not putting crazy stats like at the begining of the season, but he is playing consistently good. Average stats so far in the Euroleague: 25 minutes, 17 points (about 48% FG, 33 3pt%), 4.5 assists, 5 rebounds, 1.2 steals, 2.2 turnovers and the highest index raiting in the Euroleague.

His biggest challenge of the season are Euroleague Playoffs, top 8. Real Madrid is , despite a lot of injuries, one of the best teams in the Euroleague, and we will see if Doncic can lead them to final 4 or maybe further.
Ok, I'm sorry but I think he's gone, unless we'll be very lucky.
Checking I realize there are four better prospects than him... I'm not sure there are four better players than him in the world right now.
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