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  • Well I'm on my computer now, and the problem still persists, it's really hard to navigate the site, the 3 bars on the top right start flashing when I click on any thread but nothing usually happens. I can get the new threads and this page by opening in new tabs and waiting.

    Guess I'll just make a new account, don't know what's going on..
    throwing my grading hat into your grading ring. Watch every game except when I'm snorkling in Belize Dec 4-11. Join bajaden about every 4-6 weeks for joint critique of games
    I am back at work this morning and same thing here today this is only place I can post and other reply boxes are totally blank not even tools or "write something here" txt
    For some reason I can not seem to type anything in a "Reply" box or post any replys
    I aim the cursor inside the Reply box and left click the mouse but cant get the blinking cursor inside the reply box or type any kind of reply
    Probably something stupid on my end any Ideas?
    hey whatever happened to peski or the person that did grades back in the day?
    I'd like to see your imput with min on that thread I started. I was always against Reke at SF. but with mins being a concern i see noway around it.
    Can you make a stickie once again for our thread about Kings@Clippers for benefit of us SoCal KingsFans? mucho thanks

    Thread: Southern Calif KingsFans - Kings @ Clips, Sat 7 April 2012
    Happy New Year!!

    My stickie for the Kings @ Clippers thread has disappeared! Can you repost it for me or should I post another for you to "stickie"?
    Hey Brick. Small favor for usen's down south. Could you please make a stickie of our thread "Southern california kings fans ! ! !" as it invites our SoCal fans to a Clippers game at Staples on Sat, 7 April ? Mucho gracias.
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    Hey hows it going? Any idea why theres a picture of headphones with a chicago bulls logo on it on the homepage? Theres no such pair of headphones that has a Kings logo?
    I've ran vb boards for many years and as a member with insight I feel the vb shoutbox would be an excellent addition for ways of communication for this type of board... Later
    Don't know if you heard it, but Napear's sidekick (Jerry Renolds?)"borrowed" your reke Havoc last night during one of his drives!
    There isn't any private messages in this forum? Anyway you look like you run the show here and after looking at all the Kings forums this one is head and shoulders above the rest. A high quality site. I wanted to talk to you about some things with the Kings.
    Brick! I know you know how to post videos from youtube on here. Help a brotha out and explain how to get one up to me. Any help, a point in the right direction, whatever, would help. Thanks man.
    Brick, please email me at I'm writing a piece for ESPN on the Kings/their fans/the economy. I'd like to get some fan perspective.
    Tim Keown
    Would you mind putting a "tack" in the Kings schedule at Vegas Summer League thread to keep it up front for the 10 days until it starts? Thanks
    Aw, Brickie is my first friend. I'll make you a new avatar someday, I always wanted to see that bat in action.
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