[Game] Kings v. Nuggets - Saturday, Jan. 6 - 7 PT

Can Kosta and Temple sit now?

Mali's gonna check back in with 3 minutes left and coach will wonder why he looks cold. Temple then plays 24 minutes the second half.
We're getting pretty good shots and the ball is moving decently well. Just bricking everything right now. Defense has been solid though, lot of good shot contests and not giving easy looks.
Gotta love that there was a starting lineup I totally liked and also they played really well together...

... then said lineup never saw the floor again.

Joerger, you drive me batty.
A bit annoying seeing Skal get the 5-7 minute stint then sit slot. Joerger just undercut him on a potential break out night. The 9 man rotation is much better though.

The Nuggets are starting to double off the pick and roll so Joeger needs to make sure Fox has outlets at the short 3's. It just feels like the first team who starts knocking down 3's will win this. They also need to get Buddy going. He shot the ball a lot but it's another game where he has Buddy hanging out as a floor spreader which is a waste of time and the 3 is the only shot they are getting him.
Temple needs to play about 0 minutes in the second half. Just killing us out there tonight.
This isn't new, he's had quite a few 1 for 6 or 0 for 5 type games. He gives good effort on the floor but his offensive execution can be ghastly. I'm surprised it occurs so regularly that the coaching staff hasn't figured it out.... really he ought to be looking to pass first on offense or crashing the glass.