[Game] Kings v. Nuggets - Saturday, Jan. 6 - 7 PT

Sorry, I can't give the benefit of the doubt when I've seen so little evidence of commitment to this team during the year. This just seems to be another excuse and we've heard plenty of excuses from him. Even Ham called him out a game or so ago. He was looking far and wide for a Hill sighting.
The post I quoted you on had you going on about time off because of a pregnancy. Not The other factors.

His whatever while on this team goes against his past history while in the league. There is something(s) going on. If there is some complications with his wife's pregnancy, I can understand his desire to be there. I don't know that to be the case. He may simply not have been up to the task he signed up for and that would be on him and Vlade.

I have no problem if they ship him out either way.
George Hill on a team with better players is still a good player and complementary piece. George Hill as one of your 2 best players is nor has been a good thing.....but he shoots at a high clip and plays excellent defense. Orrrrrr you can just vent at George because its fun to take it out on someone.....I guess.
Really? Hill has not forgot how to play or shoot. Playing 30+ minutes for a Playoff caliber team and he would be his old self.

Trouble is, this is not a playoff caliber team. Perhaps a more suitable location can be found and be mutually beneficial. But that is talk for a different thread.


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Damn. What the heck happened? We have a George Hill thread, guys. ;)

Anyway, as we approach game time, can we kinda drift this back towards the game itself?


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That's pretty funny. There are plenty of teams that would like to have George Hill. None more than the Denver Nuggets IMO. Hill is a very good shooter and would score more if he had more open looks. If Hill wants out I would move him to Denver for a deal built around Trey Lyles and Denver's 2018 1st round pick. That said I am content if Hill plays out most of his contract and is traded close to the deadline in 2019.
I'm sure the Nuggets would love to send Mudiay our way in a George Hill trade scenario


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VF21 is on the right topic. "Cooley grabbed every rebound." Of course he did. Stick him in the lineup and wake up the Kings. They can compete with Denver.
When Kayte C is making comments about the Kings need to make some hard fouls, they have lost their way. There are plenty of women in the WNBA that play harder than the Kings. Just a fact.
Mental toughness is not optional if you want to win basketball games at any level. By the time players get the NBA everyone is big, strong and nasty. Rise to the occasion or dwell in the basement.

Joerger's flaw may be that he allows soft play and doesn't do anything about intensity in practice. Playing against Cooley and Sampson should raise the level of intensity. If Cooley got all the rebounds in practice, I would start him for one game and make a statement to the rest of the team. Your best rebounder should be a starter.
Cooley got every rebound in practice because the Kings are terrible at rebounding, despite having 4 seven footers on the roster


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We get to see what it looks like without Zbo and Hill. I suspect we will see Vince Carter for one of his bigger minute games. Fun fact...we are 4-3 when Vinsanity plays more than 16 minutes in a game I believe someone tweeted out not to long ago.
At this point, Carter is really the only guy on this team that can guard small forwards.
Will be interesting to see the team minus Z Bo.. if it’s demonstrably worse, for me I think, despite cultural concerns, you might have to find him a better situation, as he just can’t be the difference between the first or sixth pick
This will be a fantastic test for Fox & Bogdan.
Sometimes when WCS unleashed it is good. The very first game after “the trade”’was vs Denver and WCS beasted. We’ll see.

Watch someone quote this post after we give up 73 1st half :)