[Game] Kings v. Bulls - Monday, Dec. 2 - 7 PT; 10 ET

We underestimated the Bulls and just didn’t take care of the ball all night. Tough tough loss...oh freaking well. What is the Vladfather’s rule? Got until midnight to let it sting....onto the next one.
One of the few mistakes I think Walton has made this year was taking Bjelica off the floor. If you are trying to be a lockdown team you have to do that early. You can't show up to school late with your homework undone. This became a shootout and was going to have to end that way. That means you stick as many of your weapons out there as possible.
I don’t know what to say about this. Completely washes away the Denver win though. I hate teams that play to the level of their competition. They beat Denver and then act like they can just flip the switch against the Bulls. Now we’ll get a bunch of “competitive” games on what will probably be a 1-3 road trip if we’re fortunate...and we’ll hear about how much they are trending in the right direction because they aren’t getting blown out and as soon as they start playing more crappy teams like the Bulls, it will turn into W’s...but no. Can’t lose to Chicago at home.

Very disappointing
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