[Game] Kings @ Pistons - Saturday, Nov. 4 - 4 PT

Too weak in the interior, too slow on the perimeter, hopefully with age and strength and agility guys working with him he improves in those areas.
I don't think it's that he's slow.... it's more of him lacking defensive instincts. he's still learning the game of basketball and it gets hard to watch sometimes.
Willie being benched sparked the team. Just can't have that low of energy for your anchor. Team looks better with a small 4. Zach works better at 5.
I thought Willie looked good in his minutes. He and Fox had a few sequences broken up by the Pistons that would have been excellent use of their speed had they not been broken up.
Love what I’m seeing out there!! I’d love to see Mason out there with Fox so there isn’t so much pressure on Fox to be our only penetrator

Those two with Bogdon or Malachi would tickle my fancy
I hope Hill has no personal issues.. I hope the 2% that the “personal reasons” are an agreement for him to sit out to Dec 14 so he doesn’t continue to kill his value