[Game] Kings @ Pistons - Saturday, Nov. 4 - 4 PT

Some may fret about our offense thus far this season, but I feel it is our defense that needs the most work. Teams have been having outstanding shooting percentages in the first quarter of most of our games.

When we get in a hole every first quarter, our offense is going to be rushed, because we're down. Again.

Tighten up our defense, and our offense will look better too.
I'm here. And while I am always rooting for the Kings, I may Laugh myself into a tizzy if Eric Moreland outplays WCS. And I honestly kind of want it to happen.
This team just isn't comfortable with the offense yet. They're going through the motions instead feeling the game. I see it with Fox and Mason when they try to run the offense. Their creativity is stifled in the half court.

Hield is just playing like a wild man and could care less about running an offense at this time. Will take time for everyone to get on the same page. Fingers crossed that it won't take too much time.
Our second unit, led by our future all stars Buddy and Skal, can't compete with these 5: Galloway, Bullock, Smith, Tolliver and Moreland.