[Game] Kings @ Knicks - 12/4/16 - 4:30PT/7:30ET


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If the Kings could manage to come out strong and stay focused all game, it might bode well.

Then again...



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let's see how this Boogie vs Porzingis match up goes...They won 5 of 6 I believe, the Knicks, don't really know what to expect here. Never do. That's the beauty and ugly of the game I suppose.
Going to need a breakout game from WCS here or Porzingis is going to smash us. Dude has taken a huge leap this season and has been the Knicks best player. He's one of the few PF's who can still punish inside, so going small with Barnes or Casspi is wrong, but he's quick enough to eat Koufos alive.

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We talk about Gay but Collison has been as big of an underachiever and not stepped into that third option role yet.. I expect better starting tonight
Got to hit shots to win....maybe it's watching the Kings every game and we see it more often but we sure miss a lot of wide open shots.


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Rebounding and energy bad again
Energy was good to start.

Rebounding is an eternal problem. Cuz has not been as dominant as in years past, and the need for us to trade for Kyle O'Quinn to be on our team, not theirs, gets more evident every day. 6'8" to 6'10". Loves physical play. Muscles on the boards. Anybody of that description who can play a little would help.
We are doing too much ball holding and its too easy to defend. Temple needs to start! Now rose has a nice rythm going and will be hard to stop.
Gay and Collison as the second and third options are surprisingly inadequate so far

Cousins has been moving less fluidly as the season has progressed


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Cuz not happy with Omri on that missed board
Yeah, nor should he have been.

Kills me as a guy who loved to board more than score. Scoring was for wusses. Boarding was for the real men.

But Willie weenied out, and the other guys are small forwards who are only going to give that to you every few games.