2022 Everything Free Agency/Trades Thread


Bring on dipo and monk for the price we would have paid DDV
Yep, Ham was getting info leaked from Donte's peeps I think. He might have told them not to, he really didn't want to come back. Interesting, so far if true Monte is a man of the people. Don't want to go there on draft night? Just let him know. Want to watch them potentially lose assets in a sign and trade, just ask, lol.
Would you rather?

Barnes+Expiring+2023 top 12 protected pick for Collins

Barnes+Holmes+Expirings for Tobias-Thybulle-Springer

I think if the Sixers offered that package, I'd take that deal over Collins. Tobias-Collins are very similar in talent and we aren't tied to 5 years of Collins if it doesn't work, while getting an excellent defensive boost in Thybulle and an intriguing young player in Springer. Locks up our cap space for next year, especially since Thybulle is RFA too, but I think that's worth it? I don't see any path where you get better value than that in 2023 FA as the Kings.
I would do number 2, but no need to throw in Holmes. You can make it work with Barnes, Holiday, Len, and Harkless. Save Holmes for a different deal.
Ah so they need to offer Mo Bamba the non taxpayer mid level exemption at any # of years he wants and tell him hes got a big role and minutes here to showcase for a better deal... Plus the Kings have a ton of expiring contracts after this season so they themselves can sign that big deal if he performs.. this is the move.. None of the other players we could have for this exemption could offer what he can, which is 3 and D(in the form of rim protection) and upside from the 5 spot.

then they sign a SG who can shoot 3's with the lesser midlevel exemption.
Interesting on DDV. GPIII incoming? Orrrrrrrr, John Collins and Huerter incoming
The Murray deal is interesting for Atlanta. Supposedly they wanted to cut some salary long term but they just picked up another star piece for scraps. Do they really want to trade Collins now?
Don’t get me wrong, DDV would have been nice to have as an all around depth guy, but I’m actually excited to see who we bring in. DDV wasn’t moving the needle one way or the other for me.
How often do we bring in players with DDV's talent level in free agency? Almost never. Holmes, 1 year Rondo rental...that's about it.

We're probably going to watch all our wish list free agents go to other teams and wind up with over the hill vets and scraps as usual.