2019 NBA Draft thread

Pacers purchase the 32 pick AND get TJ Warren!!!???

Come on Vlade and Vivek wth didnt we make this deal???? TJ would fit well as our backup sf and there is some good talent at 32.

Disappointed? I'd rather see us spend our bucks on some quality FA. The grass isn't always greener, especially if you pull back and look at the whole lot. ;)
12 mil a year for a high quality backup/fringe starter AND number 32 is pretty darn good. Id take that over rolling dice on signing a better backup SF, especially since its hard to see a better option at 12mil for that role
PJ Washington just seems like he's going to be such a whatever pro player. I don't see this pick pushing Charlotte into relevancy but frankly what the hell do I know.
They should had to take a flier on Sekou.

At this point these 18 year old Europeans with his measurements are either biggest hit or biggest miss that can change franchise in a positive way, GM's gotta take those risks.

Especially Charlotte.
Where does Miami go here? They've got Adebayo and Whiteside so I don't see Bol Bol. They also have Winslow at SG/SF.

Maybe they grab Nassir Little? Or they take a flier on the European big.

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Good recovery Ainge. I like Langford a lot. Ainge and his staff know talent, good pick.
You know, I didn't like what I saw from him in Indiana, but allegedly he had a thumb injury, so maybe he works out. Apparently, he is NOT a talker. Nice 4 second interview there.

Capt. Factorial

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
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Apparently Ja Morant is saying he will not be playing in Summer League. WTH? He'd better be nursing a nagging injury. NBA has a product to sell here.
Orlando is up. They're set at the 5 with Vuc and Bamba. They've got Gordon at the 4, and Isaac as a combo 3/4. Fournier is a combo 2/3, Fultz at the 1. Maybe they go Little here? But I've said "maybe they go Little" for like the last 5 picks soooo...