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    Kings interested in Lin?

    There's no way they get a first for Lin
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    Luka Doncic (the 'LET'S RE-LITIGATE THE PICK UNTO PERPETUITY~!' thread)

    Not bad, but also not that amazing either
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    Training Camp Scrimmage Highlights!

    The Warriors run a high post offense as well...
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    Report: Tyler Ulis signing with Warriors instead of Kings, Rockets

    I believe it was for a 2 way deal. Doesn’t hurt to have extra depth.
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    Cousins: Converting at the Rim

    He has really bad balance when he makes moves under the basket. He ends up throwing up these scoop shots while falling down. He makes it really easy for his defender to block or contest his shots.
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    Tyreke Evans detained by CHP this evening for reckless driving

    And don't forget the comments about how great Ricky Rubio is!;)
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    Cleveland's collapse

    hahaha that video is embarrassing. But so funny
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    U.S adds rookies Evans, Curry

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    Why do people still think Geoff petrie is some kind of genius?

    Show me a GM who hits on every single move he makes. I mean really, it's impossible to make the perfect move every time. NO ONE can. If in his time here he never brought us a winning team then I would agree with you, but he had this team in the playoffs for 8 straight years. He is bringing us...
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    should we trade Tyreke?

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    Kings to throw, "NBA's greatest draft lottery party"

    I don't think that it's that much of a dilemma. We move Reke over to the 2 and have Wall at point then bring Beno off the bench. That sounds like a very good back court to me. What would you want in exchange for Wall?
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    Kings to throw, "NBA's greatest draft lottery party"

    Why would we trade?
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    Kobe Bryant = Awkward

    Someone post these on a Utah Jazz forum. hahaha
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    Reke rumored to win ROY

    hahahaha. This made me laugh.
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    Vote re: Noce plus the Noce trade challenge

    Ya, and I'm assuming that Reke plays more of the off guard. I also really like the way Beno plays. But getting rid of Noc would be fantastic.