The Wrestling Thread~

Strowman is the only real shock for me. If you told me 3-4 weeks ago Black was gone I wouldn't have blinked. Though they did start the new vignettes for him where he was ripping off the cult leader character from Far Cry 5 so I was interested where that would go.

I still can't believe that they blew it so bad with Black, but they have done that with so many guys. Wouldn't be shocked if Keith Lee and Dijakovic are next.

But yes, I have heard rumors that a sale is closer than ever. (also not sure I buy it, but the Peacock deal makes me wonder if that was just a precursor). If so, the real harm there is all the historical footage getting binned.


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Today’s about the least hyped I’ve ever been about a Takeover. Probably because I’ve only watched two NXTs since Kross won the title. Dude’s the dirt worst.


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Yeah, that went about as expected.

The six man multi-title match was fun. I don’t like MSK. Neither does the live audience. They should be cocky jerk heels. They also remind me of a couple of Bros who play Call of Duty all night eating Doritos and MTN Dew. Super talented, but just come off as annoying.

I didn’t expect anything out of the ladder match, but those guys beat themselves to hell for NXT’s third singles undercard title. Seems like overkill for titles.

I’m souring super fast on my girl Raquel. She remains one of the most improved wrestlers I’ve seen. Unfortunately her character has stagnated HARD, and it’s tough to get invested.

Kross is terrible. The audience died whenever he was on the offensive. And they died again when he won. The main event is a disaster right now. And they totally missed their chance with KOR.

One of the weakest Takeovers ever.
Todd Pettengill didn't make the whole night for you? :D

I liked the ladder match. Some people rated this a lot higher, I don't think I was as down as SLAB but it seemed thrown together. Like, if someone loved IYH ppvs from back in the day and wanted to celebrate the brand I think they failed. If they wanted to do a true throwback to a C-level PPV barely better than a weekly show, they ******* nailed it.