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I’m clinging to hope it just takes a minute to find his true heel character. Seth slummed it up in Shield gear for a minute before he got his tights and new music... hopefully the same for Roman. This heel turn won’t be nearly as exciting if he’s still just That Shield Dude.
And yet they can completely repackage popular NXT guys on a dime in ways that the fanbase loses their collective minds over. So I dunno. We shall see. I'll admit I'll probably watch Smackdown next week either way.


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Friendly reminder than NXT is moved to tonight with playoff hockey being on USA tomorrow.

Balor/Ciampa/Cole/Gargano in a sixty minute Ironman match for the NXT Title. Should be crazy.

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The last living person in this photo has passed away.

RIP Animal.

For the benefit of any casual viewers who decided to pop into this thread, this photo is just under thirty years old (1990 Survivor Series). Joseph Laurinitis (aka Animal) is the only one in this photo who lived to see sixty.