The Road to catching the Spurs

Having the tie break with the Spurs is huge.

The Spurs game on March 31st at home is a must Win. We basically need the Spurs to lose 2 more games than we do the rest of the way. They have 16 more games and we have 17 more games.

Not impossible, but we need to concentrate on Winning every game from here on out. If we go on a tear, like a 13-4 or 12-5 to finish the season, I think we make the playoffs! ;)
Think this is the magic number for us to have a chance+winning the game against the Spurs. Spurs still have games against:

Bucks, Warriors, Blazers, Kings

Nuggets, Celtics, Rockets

And their only cake games are:

Knicks, Cavs, Mavericks, Hawks

Cavs, Mavericks

So we'll see. Not losing all hope yet, just a matter if we can keep beating up the bad teams and games we should win.
Infuriating? C’mon. Most of us expected the team to flail this season in hopes for some growth of the young players. We’ve well exceeded that. It’s nice to at least still have a (thin) chance at the playoffs after all this time.
This Kingsfan has enjoyed the hell out of this season’s ride so far.
Good I'm glad you have....this Kingsfan is tired of the playoffs drought,. They didn't flail, so to expect more during the season is a natural progression. The Kings have been at or just above .500 for most of the season. Had the Kings had a Pelicans or Mavericks-type season, maybe I'd agree with your sentiment, but they've done better. So yes, to be this close to a playoff slaughter even is angering, especially as it might be 1 or 2 game differential. Is this premature? Maybe.....can expectations change? You bet.
I’m stunned a Pop disciple is gift-wrapping an important win for the Spurs. Crazy. It’s almost as stunning as Pop gifting wins to his proteges when they are on the hot seat.