[Game] Sac vs. Orl Jan 7th 7PT/10ET

I'm hating his play tonight, and I'm not even talking about the bricked 3s, those were good shots. All the over dribbling though! Buddy too! They gotta get back to playing smart.

Put in the Yogi/JJ/Giles lineup, coach! That squad was fun as hell and blew up the lead!
The 8 rebounds and the team high 7 assists if not the bricks then? ;)
Purple glasses on: Fox, Buddy, Bogs, Giles, Bags could win a championship some day.
Purple glasses off: SF superstars will roast that starting 5.
Justin Jackson has gone from being benched for Troy Williams to integral part of the team’s future in the span of two months
JJ looks like a player. I guess all it really takes is bolB showing up and going off on him again. JJ must have bolB posts on speed dial lol
bolB went off in JJ in summer league and JJ showed out. I think we need more bolB talking mess about JJ....
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Man...if Justin Jackson ends up panning out too...things are going to get real interesting for us next year.
Jackson was never drafted to be a star. If he ends up being a solid role player, glue guy, etc that can hit the three consistently then we got what we wanted out of the draft. Looking more and more like he can be that guy, which honestly is a pleasant surprise. Sometimes you draft a guy for team chemistry and fit and not necessarily star potential. Seems like Vlade might know a thing or two about not only identifying talent but also building a team of complementary players.
Haha, yeah, I guess he wasn't thaaaaaaaat bad. I just hate the over-iso stuff, but overall Bogi definitely filled it up tonight!
I would guess Bogi hates the iso stuff. Joeger commented about Bogi likening a more structured offense and not being comfortable in a free flowing offense completely