[Game] Kings @ Lakers, 11/11/2022 7:30pm Pacific 10:30pm Eastern

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WTF with you people with this hate on Sabonis? Dude playing nicely, getting points and get phantom calls mostly - but some people are foking blind with damged feelings over Halliburton ....

It's a joke. Fox was all-world tonight and Sabonis *Only* contributed an All-star effort that wasn't as good as Fox

I keep hearing Tyrese should win MIP or something but shouldn't Fox be frontrunner on that right now? Especially if you go way back to where that was the "award you didn't really want to win".
Fox has already had full seasons averaging 25 ppg so I don’t think he’ll be in consideration for MIP since he’ll average around the same this season even though there is a clear difference and improvement to how he’s getting his numbers. He will be an all star if this keeps up though and the Kings don’t go into a free fall.

Tyrese is mostly continuing what he was doing his last few games with the Kings and his time with the Pacers but his previous overall averages will put him in line for it
If he keeps this up, De’Aaron’s going to be in the running for another award that starts with an M and ends with a P
I trimmed my post because he's playing like that but they'll probably shaft him even all star consideration but yeah I can't even keep count of his 30 point games and he's very efficient and playing D too. Basically he's back to the guy we assumed he would be before the Walton Reign of Error.


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what do we do to fix the trading baskets problem especially at the end of games? The deadline is a long ways a way and we might not pull anything off. Do we have to try KZ for a few minutes here or there? Call up Ellis?
I do find it odd that coach brown thought KZ was good enough to start at the beginning of the season and now has like 7 straight DNP’s
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